About us

JEWELSHINGAR collection Jewellery in many categories and in varying price points, in order to make us a welcome place for many. 

Our website and e-commerce store have been designed with the same care and commitment we have made to our brick and mortar store. Our goal is to both further serve our loyal and expanding customers, and reach out to new ones.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Remember as you browse our online catalog and make purchase selections, that your satisfaction is what makes us stronger and with your rating we try to improve our service. 

What if we told you that you could get access to some of the most exquisite pieces of luxury jewellery without making a dent in your finances. JEWELSHINGAR was born from the union of ethics and aesthetics. We bring to you handcrafted gold plated jewellery that looks as finessed and stunning as real gold & diamond jewellery. The perfect solution for those who want a mix of great quality & unmatchable designs, along with being easy on the pocket. 


We consider ourselves as a Boutique Jeweller targeting a specific niche of people interested in Designer & Trendy Jewellery.

Creating trendsetting designs & delivering a high quality product are of utmost importance to us.

What is most special about all our products is that they are 100% sustainable. Stunning styles blended with sustainability embodies our line of handcrafted jewelry. With eco-conscious shopping now front of mind for most consumers, we are proud to call ourselves a 100% sustainable brand.

All our products are carefully designed by a team of professionals keeping in mind upcoming jewellery trends. Our goal is to create high-fashion jewellery pieces so as to provide our customers with the most fashion forward styles and statement pieces.

We use very high quality & high grade metals to make sure we can extend the life of the jewellery pieces, along with finishing that mimics real gold & diamond jewellery.

If you are looking for jewellery that is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced, look no further. Get ready to step up your accessories game!

JEWELSHINGAR has a background & over 20 years of experience we could create the most amazing designs & attain the perfect finish with our artisan . Our focus is great quality with eclectic designs that appeal to all strata of women in India.